Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate sbarca sulle portatili

batman-arkham-origins_thumb2Batman approda su PS Vita e 3DS in una veste 2D.

Warner Bros. Games Montreal ha preso le redini del brand di Rocksteady per realizzare Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, il quale si prepone come una serie parallela a quanto visto su home console con Batman: Arkham Asylum e City.

A differenza delle versioni “home” il titolo sarà sullo stile dei “metrovania” (simile all’ultimo Castlevania Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate per intenderci) e porrà Batman in una veste bidimensionale con elementi 3D (in gergo 2,5 D ).

Il titolo uscirà in contemporanea sia su 3DS che su Playstation Vita e a detta degli sviluppatori ogni versione avrà le sue caratteristiche uniche.

Il team di sviluppo questa volta sarà diverso e l’onere di mantenere in alto il nome del brand tocca ai ragazzi di Armature Studio (composta da membri che hanno sviluppato Metroid Prime Trilogy).

The first handheld Arkham game, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.

Releasing on 3DS and Vita the same day as the home console version, Blackgate is a completely separate experience that takes place after the events of Arkham Origins. Armature Studio is developing the 2.5-D Metroid-style exploration action game. Industry followers will recognize Armature Studio as the company founded by several of the leads from the Metroid Prime trilogy.”

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Batman: Akrham Origins BlackgatePS Vita, 3DS

Batman: Akrham Origins Blackgate is a 2.5D, Metroid-style Batman game for PS Vita and 3DS in development at Armature, the studio behind the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS Vita, who were put in charge as they’re familiar with that gameplay style.

The game is set after the conclusion of Origins on consoles. At the Blackgate Penitentiary, located on an isolated island, a prison uprising has occurred. Batman ventures to the facility to put a stop to the riot.

The game features a 2D animated Batman moving through a side-scrolling game world where he’ll battle enemies, pick up new gear, travel through interconnected passages, and learn prison secrets.

Unlike the console Arkham games, Blackgate does not focus on leveling up abilities. Instead, it stays true to the formula of its sub-genre. All of his improvements will come through pick-ups and upgrades. The team wanted to give players a greater sense of collection.

The game is mostly set on a 2D plane, though it will take advantage of the three-dimensionality offered by the environments. Batman will explore, fight, and interact in both the foreground and background. For example, Batman can grapple up to a gargoyle on a background balcony from the foreground.

Combat is similar to the console Arkham games. It uses the Freeflow combat system, and button taps are used to attack, counter, and use gadgets. Gadgets include the Batarang, to stun enemies or hit distant objects, Line Launcher, to cross wide gaps, and a variation of the Explosive Gel, which allows you to shoot from a launcher onto spots around the screen, enabling ‘entertaining’ take-downs like chandelier dropping.

Batman will be able to see the sight lines of his enemies to know whether they can see him or not.

Blackgate is split into various sections, each accessible once you figure out a way outside the prison. There are no save rooms as you can manually save at your leisure. The game uses a modern checkpoint system, and you can defeat its bosses in any order. Similar to the console games, it will also have a detective mode—if an enemy is green, he hasn’t seen you, if he’s red, he’s onto you. This mode can also be used to uncover secretes, clues, and analyze situations.


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