Dragons and Titans, novità per il MOBA Wyrmbyte

Annunciato uno schema dei controlli migliorato, aggiornamento ai premi e un nuovo drago!

Lo sviluppatore indipendente Wyrmbyte, insieme al publisher indie Versus Evil, hanno annunciato oggi che il loro MOBA, Dragons and Titans, ha ricevuto alcuni importanti aggiornamenti, incluso uno schema dei controlli migliorato. Gli update sono arrivati in seguito ai feedback della community.

Sono stati annunciati inoltre nuovi premi, in concomitanza con l’inizio della stagione primaverile. Wyrmbyte ha infine annunciato anche l’arrivo di una nuova varietà di drago, visibile nell’immagine in alto: l’Icemaul.

Per tutti i dettagli è possibile consultare il comunicato stampa originale in lingua inglese, che trovate qui di seguito. In calce un nuovo video sull’Icemaul

Dragons and Titans™ Announces Improved Control Scheme, Updated Prize Pool and a New Dragon!

Independent developer Wyrmbyte, in partnership with indie publisher Versus Evil, today announced that their new MOBA, Dragons and Titans, which delivers fast matches and unique and fun gameplay options, has received several important updates, including the implementation of an improved control scheme.

After listening to community feedback, the developer decided to add a click to move system with auto targeting and key binding so that controls would feel more familiar to gamers used to playing other competitive MOBA games. The new controls also introduce strafing and allows for even more strategic play beyond pushing forward or firing while fleeing backwards. Gamers can now choose to play with either the legacy controls, the new click to move controls or with a game controller.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of the new Spring Season kick off, which now boasts an updated pool of prizes for the top players. In addition to the exclusive Spring Season avatar, which is awarded to the top 100 players in the game, the top player in the US will win a Gigabyte™ BRIX Gaming Ultra Compact PC powered by an AMD A8 APU and AMD Radeon™ R9 M275X graphics. The next 4 runners up in the US will win an AMD Radeon™ R7 200 Series Graphics Card, also by Gigabyte. Full details about the new prize pool will be released soon. The Spring Season runs from now until June 30th, so gamers should log in and start playing today to be in for a chance to win.

Finally, Wyrmbyte also released a new dragon today which adds to the growing variety of dragons players can choose to master. Icemaul dragons are the undisputed kings of the polar seas and are cold and cruel with devastating ‘Hoarfrost’ and ‘Ice Storm’ attacks. They naturally excel at siege attacks but can also use their long range attacks to break up enemy formations to take or reclaim territory.

Dragons and Titans is now available to download direct from digital distribution service Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/263500/

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