Bungie azzera le statistiche di 15,000 imbroglioni

haloreach_thumb_spartanUsavano metodi non corretti!

Halo: Reach è il titolo più giocato del momento su console Xbox 360, secondo le statistiche mensili di Xbox Live. Bungie ha voluto dare giustizia ai milioni di giocatori in tutto il mondo azzerando le statistiche di 15000 cheaters (imbroglioni).

Come recita il post pubblicato sul forum ufficiale, questi utenti hanno in pratica utilizzato durante le partite online metodi non consentiti come ad esempio periferiche capaci di freddare avversari velocemente (target locator).

Non possiamo che dare atto a Bungie di aver fatto una azione molto giusta e corretta e auspichiamo che questo possa far capire che il divertimento online deve essere frutto di puro e sano gameplay.

Di seguito il comunicato ufficiale:

Good evening,

We are in the process of applying credit resets to approximately 15,000 users who we have identified as the most egregious Challenge Reset abusers.

A one day credit earning ban has also been applied, mostly to ensure that recipients receive an in-game notification of the action taken.

As with any such measure, we have taken the time to carefully select our criteria to eliminate false positives.

A more comprehensive pass will be occuring in the coming week as our automated Banhammer mechanisms grow accurate enough to satisfy our high bar for burden of proof. If you are thinking about getting an easy 50k credits by using this exploit, I would strongly advise you to reconsider.

Thank you, and please direct any discussion of these resets to this thread.

Edit 1: a point of clarification. No bans were handed out tonight for

a) Playing too much Gruntpocalypse (no such thing!)
b) Using the target locator too much (no such thing!)

Specifically, we targeted an exploit that allowed players to complete a Challenge 20+ times via itentional network manipulation (i.e., disconnects.)

Spot checks have revealed the telltale signature of this behavior on every denier so far, so don’t be fooled by the protests of innocence. We aren’t.

Edit 2:
1) If you have lost your Legendary Helmet or any other downloadable offers, you can re-download them via your Download History. We’re not sure this is affecting anyone (we haven’t reproduced it internally), but just in case it is, give this a try.

2) We won’t be resetting Commendations, as we do not feel that the exploit used affected them. It would not be fair to people who did use the exploit but who wish to retain the record of their playstyle, and we cannot differentiate between the two systematically. Sorry.

Il titolo è disponibile dal 14 Settembre 2010 in esclusiva su piattaforma console Xbox 360.

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