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medal-of-honor_thumbLa community intervista Greg Goodrich

Greg Goodrich, produttore esecutivo di Medal of Honor ha risposto ad alcune domande riguardanti il nuovo trailer del titolo poste dalla community .

Di seguito le domande in originale

Q: Is that all gameplay footage throughout the trailer?
A: Yep, the trailer is 100% in-game footage.

Q: Where is the “bearded guy” that is on the box cover? I don’t believe I saw him in the trailer.
A: You are correct. The character on our box cover was not featured in our first trailer. But I can confirm that he is indeed a character in our game and will be revealed (along with his highly skilled and very specialized Tier 1 unit) in the near future.

Q: What exactly is a Tier 1 Operator? And what do they do?
A: Tier 1 is a category. It is not a unit designation or a name given to a specific task force. It is a term that is used to describe the level at which these operators perform and function. It also refers to their place within the national command structure. The term “Tier 1” can also be used to describe a specific unit’s ability to carry out missions that require the most highly skilled, proficient and disciplined group of warriors within the U.S. Special Operations Community. There are only a handful of units within the U.S. Government that are considered Tier 1. We have been given the rare opportunity to work closely with members of these units during the development of Medal of Honor.

Q: There was an ATV and a helicopter scene in the trailer. Can we expect to see some vehicular gameplay?
A: That is the plan. At minimum, you can expect the ones that you saw in the trailer 😉

Q: The ending scene with the guy with a bomb attached to him gave me chills. Can we expect this darker feel/tone throughout the game?
A: This will be the very first (M) rated Medal of Honor. However, we will always be grounded by our core tenets of authenticity and respect for the soldier.

Q: There are some doors that get kicked in during the trailer. Can we expect breach and clear gameplay?
A: The player can do many cool things in the game, and kicking in doors is certainly one of them!

Q: Are you keeping the PC community in mind for this game? Please don’t do just a simple port!
A: We take the PC version of our game as seriously as we do any other version.

Q: How much of the game is based on real life, true events in Afghanistan?
A: Medal of Honor is “historical fiction” set against the backdrop of the current war in Afghanistan. Much like “Saving Private Ryan” is a fictional story told through the lens of a small band of characters during WWII.

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