Killzone 3, Guerrilla Games ringrazia i Beta tester

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La lunga sessione concessa da Guerrilla Games ai tantissimi utenti Playstation 3 per testare la Beta Multiplayer di Killzone 3 ha permesso alla software house olandese di realizzare corregere alcuni problemi e migliorare certi aspetti del titolo.

Nel voler ringraziare la comunità di giocatori, Guerrilla Games ha pubblicato un post sul forum ufficiale, che vi riportiamo di seguito, nel quale vengono citate alcune delle caratteristiche prese in esame e migliorate.

Il titolo è atteso in uscita il 22 Febbraio 2010 su console Playstation 3 con supporto Playstation Move e 3D.

Hi all,

We want to start off by thanking you for contributing to a successful Public Beta Trial so far. So here goes: “THANK YOU!”

Seriously, thank you for all the time you have spent playing the Beta. Thank you for your honest and sometimes brutal feedback. Thank you for all the creative, workable and sometimes unimaginable, but fun, suggestions. Between all the Devs, we have read all of them and responded to half as many as we would have liked.

Thank you, because we now have what we need. Actually, we have received so much feedback, suggestions and bugs, that the general discussion part of the forum has served its purpose and has been closed. There is enough info on there to make six Killzone games, not just one. We know what your opinions are; we know what you think should be altered or different altogether. And we know what we need to focus on to make Killzone 3 all it can be when it launches in February 2011!

During this Beta we’ve had a good mix of participants to help us out: people who were new to the franchise, but also a lot of hardcore Killzone 2 veterans. To those of you in the latter group, please know that we recognize your share in keeping the Killzone community alive and bringing new players to the game. We appreciate your continued support and feedback. Your comments on features such as Matchmaking, Controls, Server lists (or Custom Games) and Tactical Spawn Areas (or Spawn grenades) have been most valuable.

And while we may not be able to implement every suggestion you’ve offered (for instance we can’t “…just implement Killzone 2 spawn grenades-code” – that’s just not how it works!) that doesn’t mean that we aren’t listening to you. Your comments and suggestions form the basis for the changes we are currently making to Killzone 3, along with your bug reports and telemetry data from the game.

While it’s impossible to specify every fix, update and change that we are working on, the game is already in a much better state than what you are playing now. We would have loved to bring all of these changes to you via additional patches, but this would have taken us a lot of time that we’ve chosen to spend on development, fixes and tweaks instead. We will continue to incorporate your feedback up until launch, so the next time you see Killzone 3 it will be a much-improved experience.

We have already improved on a number of things that you listed. These are just a few:

• Matchmaking improvements – lots and ongoing
• Tactical Spawn Areas – functionality and additional TSA’s where needed
• Weapon damage, recoil and range
• Weapon distribution over careers
• Added Weapons
• Exo’s – count, health regeneration and damage
• Spawn camping
• Career Abilities (like Recon)
• HUD icons, readability, options
• Tweaked turrets, sentries and drones
• Running speed, stamina tweaks
• Player health

Finally, it’s important to note that we’re nearing the end of the Public Beta Trial. We do not know exactly when the beta will shut down yet. But somewhere in the next couple of weeks the online service will be discontinued. The good news is that you will still be able to play and practice in Botzone after the Beta ends.

The Bug Section will be still open to report bugs. So you can still report issues. Also, don’t be afraid to use the Survey we’ve set up.

In the meantime, have fun with the Beta. And be nice to the new people coming on board! We hope to see you all in February 2011.






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