Gli auguri del Team ICO

Direttamente dal sito ufficiale del Team ICO un particolare augurio per il Natale 2008.

un particolare augurio per il Natale 2008

Visitando il sito ufficiale del Magazine del Team ICO ,gli sviluppatori del prossimo titolo in lavorazione in esclusiva su PlayStation 3 mandano tanti auguri di Buon Natale 2008 a tutti i loro fan con la promessa di fornire ben presto nuovissime informazioni sul loro sito.
Il messaggio recita: ” Alcuni di voi hanno indovinato l’anagramma dove si legge una data: Febbraio 2009 – una data che è rilevante ai fini del sito stesso e non del nuovo gioco del Team ICO dal momento che tutto questo è stata una sorpresa per i lettori. Buon Natale!
PS – Questa immagine è una ricomposizione artistica del Gennaio ’08 dell’immagine a lavoro.

Team ICO Xmas 2008

L’anagramma è stato scoperto da questo messaggio che vi postiamo in forma integrale:
When the year is coming to a close all of us tend look back at the past twelve months and see what we went through. The same can be applied to the world of video games.

Speaking for the site and community, 2008 has been a terrific year. There were some unexpected hiccups along the way, but the loyalty of the readers and community members shined through. Over these past months I’ve seen people constantly support me and the site; something which gives me the much needed motivation to continue with this project I embarked on in 2006. Figures have been great, with the site this year reaching half a million unique visitors. But numbers are just that, figures with little importance when compared to the real goal of this website. 2008 has seen a dramatic increase of awareness of Team ICO and their games. From rumours appearing out of nowhere, expected showings at events like E3, Games Convention and Tokyo Game Show, to the general discussion on forums across the internet, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus have never seen so much popularity.

Team ICO are people who best showcase the growth of the video game industry from something that delivers mindless fun to making people realize and admit that games can be indeed called beautiful. Much has been discussed about games and whether they can be defined as art or not. Leaving that argument aside no one can deny that ICO and Shadow of the Colossus make players feel different. These games create a connection between the worlds and characters presented within and those who play them. Technically speaking, both games pushed the PlayStation 2 forward in different ways. ICO presented AI and use of lighting unseen in games before. Shadow of the Colossus outdid that effort and pushed the PlayStation 2 to feats unimaginable on the console. This beauty and technical achievement married create a unique and fun experience that has become the signature of their creators. It is no surprise, therefore, that Team ICO’s next effort is highly anticipated, even more so than its predecessors.

It has been three years since Shadow of the Colossus was released, and all we’ve seen of Team ICO’s new PlayStation 3 project is a single image. It’s not even a full picture since it has been cut from the middle to hide what’s tied to that chain. Even so, this half picture created numerous discussions – I’ve even seen forums with threads spanning 200 pages based on that image. With nothing else to see, many feel they’ve lost some of the enthusiasm they had about this new game. When we’re bombarded with new pictures and videos of games still years ahead it’s easy to feel like this about the titles we truly care about. Some consolation may come from why this news and media blackout exists. We haven’t been shown the new game because Fumito Ueda and his talented team want to impress us in the best possible way, so when they do reveal what they’ve been working on for three years we can come to the conclusion that this new title is a worthy successor of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. It’s hard to wait, but imagine what it feels like for these individuals who have spent so many days, months and years working on something they can’t talk about or show.

I wish everyone a merry Christmas, and soon to be new year. We have lots to look forward to in 2009. In a few hours I’ll be linking you to a little surprise for all fans and readers. It’s just a little thing to thank each and every single one of you and tell you how much your stay on the site is appreciated. It’s not something like some websites are declaring to be huge news. It’s a token of thanks, and I hope you all accept it wholeheartedly.

La seconda sorpresa è sulla caratteristica dei giganti:

La caratteristica ‘Giganti sono arrivati‘ rivelata nel prossimo numero del magazine del Team ICO; un’occhiata approfondita alla preparazione, produzione, la pubblica esecuzione e la campagna che mostra i Giganti di Shadow of the Colossus.

caratteristica dei giganti

Il prossimo numero del magazine del Team ICO comprende:

– Immagini in Alta Risoluzione dei giganti;
– Materiale della creazione e della pre-visualizzazione;
– Produzione di immagini e video;
– Live podcast e registrazioni radio show;
– Storyboard;
– Colloquio esclusivo con i responsabili per la campagna e caratteristica ‘Rivivendo la venuta del giganti‘ .

Disponibili al 1 ° gennaio 2009, in esclusiva fino alla fine del mese di Gennaio a tutti i membri del gruppo Eurogamers.

La terza e ultima sorpresa è che molte delle notizie riguardanti questo progetto faranno la loro comparsa sul magazine in edicola nel numero di Febbraio 2009.

Vi ricordiamo che le ultime informazioni riguardanti il titolo in lavorazione sono presenti in questo articolo pubblicato in esclusiva su poco tempo fa.




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