Viper Gaming by Patriot lancia il nuovo headset 7.1 Viper V380

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VIPER GAMING, la divisione gaming di PATRIOT, ha recentemente presentato il nuovo interessantissimo headset 7.1 Viper 380  il quale promette davvero faville grazie ad alcune caratteristiche uniche che è piuttosto difficile trovare in un paio di cuffie gaming.  La principale caratteristica di queste cuffie, infatti, è l’utilizzo di driver in neodymio da ben 53mm, in grado di offrire una sensibilità elevatissima e una qualità audio di livello Hi-FI. Altre caratteristiche includono una illuminazione RGB personalizzabile full spectrum, il supporto all’audio spaziale 7.1 ed un microfono rimovibile con cancellazione automatica del rumore di fondo.

Le nuove cuffie Viper V380 sono disponibili su ad un prezzo altrettanto interessante, di 89 euro. Per maggiori informazioni vi rimandiamo al comunicato stampa in inglese qui sotto.

VIPER GAMING by PATRIOT™ launches Viper V380 Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound RGB Gaming Headset

7.1 virtual surround sound by Hi-Fi grade 53mm neodymium drive with customizable full-spectrum RGB lighting and ergonomic headset housing with detachable ENC microphone

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA — Jan. 23rd, 2020 — VIPER GAMING by PATRIOT™, a trademarked brand of PATRIOT and a global leader in performance memory, solidstate drives, and flash storage solutions, today is proud to announce the launch of Viper V380 Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset. It delivers crystal clear sound quality and outstanding noise isolation for hardcore gaming and theater-grade audio playback. With featured Hi-Fi grade 53mm neodymium drivers, the V380 headset brings higher sensitivity and superior quality of sound with delicate details helping users react faster than their rivals in a game battle.

With the ergonomic concept, V380 headset is housed with hinged over-sized ear cushions and paired with an adjustable protein-leather headband to provide max comfort to gamers who enjoylong gaming matches.An excellent headset is an essential gear for every gamer during the most crucial gaming rounds. Whether the user wantsto enjoy a 4K action movie in the late hours or have gaming sessions until dawn, a 7.1 virtual headset is theideal substitution of the surround sound speakers. C1 - Viper Gaming by Patriot lancia il nuovo headset 7.1 Viper V380V380 features an omnidirectional and detachable microphone with automatic environmental noise cancellation (ENC) ability. V380 delivers incredible sound clarity when communicatingwith teammates during gameplay, without the interference of background noise and avoiding feedback.

The V380 can be customized in a full-spectrum RGB lighting, or one of many programmed lighting patterns through the Viper RGB Software for matching your gaming setup and build. Backed by a two-year warranty, the V380 headset is compatible with Windows® 7, Windows® 10, or later versions, and it is the ultimate choice for hardcore gamers worldwide!

Features Highlights:

  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound with Hi-Fi 53mm Neodymium Drivers
  • Ergonomic closed-ear design for passive noise cancellation and convenient on-ear volume controls
  • Omnidirectional, Detachable Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) Microphone
  • Customizable full-spectrum RGB illumination with Viper Software
  • USB Interface with durable braided 2.1m cable


The V380 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound RGB Gaming Headset is available at major retailers:

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