Toukiden Kiwami, novità per armi e personaggi

Siete pronti a dar la caccia ai demoni?

Insieme ad una sfilza di screenshot e ad un nuovo video che troverete in calce alla news, Tecmo Koei ha oggi diffuso un nuovo comunicato stampa che descrive in particolare i nuovi personaggi, i nuovi mitama e le nuove armi del suo Action-RPG sulla falsa riga di Monster Hunter, Toukiden: Kiwami, in arrivo il 27 di Marzo su PlayStation 4 e PlayStation Vita. Nel nuovo comunicato stampa che troverete qui di seguito in allegato è possibile leggere di Soma, l’eroico capitano dell’Hundred Demon Corps, e della sua mazza chiodata; di Reki, dal Villaggio di Shiranui, e della sua naginata; ed infine di Horo, la misteriosa ragazza che non ricorda molto del suo passato, e del suo fucile; oltre che dell’aumento dei mitama da 200 a 300 (!).


New videos and screenshots released
KOEI TECMO EUROPE revealed today exciting new information and additional features for ‘Toukiden: Kiwami’, the demon slaying epic currently in development for the PlayStation®4 and the PlayStation®Vita computer entertainment systems, which will be released across Europe on 27th March 2015.
‘Kiwami’s’ new story starts three months after the conclusion of the original Toukiden with a deeper introduction into the intricate hierarchy of the Slayer organisation. Players are introduced to an elite slayer unit, ‘the Hundred Demon Corps.’ and their heroic Captain, Soma. Soma has made a name for himself during the wars of the Awakening and is now leading the Third Company to the Utakata Village to re-enforce their resistance against Oni coming from the north. His weapon of choice is an enormous spiked club and he wields it with such bravery and conviction that it has earned him the unwavering loyalty of his men.
With him travels Reki, a young slayer with an uncanny proficiency in the naginata. Reki was send from the Village of Shiranui to join the ‘Hundred Demon Corps’ and has quickly proven herself composed, focused and cool in a fight.
The last of the new Slayer characters that join the roster in ‘Toukiden: Kiwami’ is the sweet yet mysterious Horo; a girl with little memory of her past who suddenly appeared in Utakata and took up the fight against the Oni. Horo brings with her an exciting new weapon addition to the Toukiden armoury: an oversized rifle. Despite its size, the rifle is a weapon of great strength and accuracy and it provides a great long-ranged alternative to bows as it fires both rounds and grenades.
Apart from the new weapons and character additions, ‘Toukiden: Kiwami’ also includes an increased number of Mitama (300 in total, up from 200 in the previous title). Mitama are the freed souls of fallen heroes who remain to assist the slayers in their fight. The souls can be equipped by the player and their powers can be upgraded up to 12 levels (two more than in ‘the Age of Demons’). Fully levelling up a Mitama gives access to extra boosts and powers that will help the player survive through the challenges of the treacherous hunts.
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